Wrist Warmers


I’ve been knitting this sweater.  I got the yarn a long time ago, inspired to make this sweater, but ended up deciding that the neck was too high. So the yarn just sat there.  Finally, I found the Garter Yoke Cardi started well before Brazil. And here I am, stuck at the sleeve.


I don’t know if I dislike the twisted up ball of a sweater hanging off my needles while knitting a sleeve, or seeming more.  I have been knitting away, but it seems to go so slowly… knitting, knitting, knitting, untwist.

So, I started a pair of wrist warmers.

Noro Striped Arm Warmers

I’ve never knit a pair of wrist warmers.

But the socks… as I was knitting them, and sticking them on my hands as we do… begged to be wrist warmers.  Luckily there was yarn left over.


Voila, le debut… wrist warmers kind of fly off the needles.  No untwisting… just knitting.

Maybe I won’t need sleeves on my sweater if I have these fabulous wrist warmers… or maybe that is crossing the ‘number of hand knit garments to be worn at the same time’ limit.  The other day I wore three and no one commented… and if the colours compliment each other…


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