WIP: the christmas list update


This week I have been knitting like a fiend.  Since learning the Irish Cottage Knitting (ICK) technique, I have been trying it on every type of project I can get my hands on, circulars, straights, dpns, its been pretty intense.  In retrospect, it’s really not a good time for this sort of endulgent experimentation.  As you can tell from the FO fridays, the FOs aren’t exactly lining up at the door:  I have finished one sweater, one scarf and one cowl.  Not to mention that I have added a couple of projects to the list that I had neglected to include perhpas out of denial, perhaps due to my inability to see over my yarn pile. View the updated Christmas Knitting List 2009.

Poor judgment aside, I seem to have ICK at least up to the same speed as my old throwing technique (with waaaay less pain, might I add) I have started to cast things on all over the place.

First is the Infinity Sweater. A few minor changes: I have decided to use it to start my sweater design for next years Master Knitter course by first innovating the fibonnaci cable (thus changing the name to the Fibonacci Sweater)  So far so good, I am almost done the cable swatch and I have a renewed faith in the sweater getting done in time.

Justin's Fibonacci Sweater Cable Swatch

Up next, we have the Hubster Camo Legwarmers.  I don’t know if it is that he keeps pestering me to finish them because he is tired of his ratty storebought ones, or if it is that I find other things infinitely more interesting, but these puppies are moving at a snails pace.  I know that once I get up to the cabled knees, I will by flying… but untill then, perserverance.  Pretty colour combo though :)  Malabrigo Sock – and the two extra skeins are gone… colourway to come when they are finished.


The baby boy blanket.  This one is going to make me the evil sister-in-law, and the best aunty in the world.  My nephew will love the super soft and warm marino/alpaca blend yarn, but my sister in law will hate me for giving something so high maintenance to a baby.  I’ve decided to go with the – “Um, your baby, this beautiful boy that you held in your body for 9 months deserves much better than acrylic.  I think the reward of a quality hand made heirloom garment very much superseeds the less than simple washing instructions.”  We’ll see how that goes over.

Baby Boy Blanket

Check out that fabric!
(Just so you know, my cat – the big one – is laying beside my computer with his head (which is surprisingly heavy) on the back of my left hand while I type.  He must enjoy the rocking motion.  Problem is, the tail flicks when I stop.  Nice kitty…)

Baby Boy Blanket

The sock yarn.  I am very slow at spinning sock yarn.  I don’t know what it is but there never seems to be more on the bobbin than when I started.  I love this fiber… it’s amazing.  I have no idea what it is though.  See, I bought it at SOAR, from Sweet Grass Wool, it was 25% off and I couldn’t stop myself.  Thing is, that when I got it back to the room, I realized that nowhere on the tag does it say the fiber content.  It has a longish staple, so I don’t think that it has marino in it, but it is as soft as marino… I’ve emailed them, so hopefully they will get back to me. I’m afraid you are going to have to wait until tomorrow for pics of this beauty…. the lighting is sucking in the apartment today.

Thank goodness for the cheery sock monkey.  I started the first Blue Moon Fiberarts Sock Monkey using the rest of the yarn from the first pair of socks that I ever knit.  The cheery colours are great for the incredible amount of rain we are getting here in Vancouver.  I went to Button Button and got some eyes today (er… buttons) and found myself buying enough to … well, start a small button stash.  (Button Button is incredible.  Don’t forget that the owner is speaking at the Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting tomorrow night.)

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Mini Sock Monkey Number One

Doesn’t really look like a monkey now… but just you wait!

Phew.  Now who will be finished for FO Friday?  It’s a difficult call at this point. My vote goes for the monkey… you really can’t make just one.

  1. Nancy

    Hi Lisa – Bet that fiber from Sweet Grass Wool is Targhee which is their primary product. It’s a lovely springy and soft fiber. :-) I totally think there’s a whole strange spinning time continuum when it comes to sock yarn… good luck with that!

  2. Maven

    Oooh… thanks! I officially like Targhee. Hopefully I will receive confirmation today. Yes sock yarn… rather mysterious. Especially how a new skein ended up in my bag after knit night last night…

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