Wicked case of startitis


The affix -itis means swollen or inflamed.  Its usually accompanied by pain, because things are larger than they should be. That’s why tonsillitis hurts…  Startitis is a common term among knitters to mean that one is having frequent starts to new knitting projects and implies that there are less finishes happening at this time.

This is me.  Really… it’s painful… painfully half finished projects and nothing but the desire to start another one.


The Garter Yoke Cardigan. Still. The sleeve is finished, but there are no buttons. I forgot the buttons I picked out of our family button jar at my mom’s, and then forgot them again yesterday, which means that I will be visiting Button Button tomorrow or the next day.



The Spring Mittens. I don’t know what’s going on with these. I really wanted to knit them then I got to this point, and stopped. Just… stopped. I think I am afraid they are going to be huge. (hmmmm. no replacement photo for this one :(


Stripish Baktus. I have a lot of yarn. A LOT. So I decided that something must be done with this funny moth eaten lace weight that I bought. Yes. I bought lace  weight that had… holes everywhere. No bugs came in the package, just a lot of small balls to wind up. What I won’t do for a good deal. By the way, I am addicted to stripes right now. (Gonzo.)


The beginnings of TKGA’s Basics course. I have had it since last fall. It has been niggling from the shelf by my desk for months, especially since christmas. I decided that I would have to get the first section sent away before I go to my apprenticeship with Susun Weed. 15 days and counting.

This does not take into account the shawl I have half warped on the loom, and a toque I have burried at the bottom of my knitting basket.  Rediculous.  Really.  So what about that cute hoody vest?

  1. melistress

    Boy can I relate! I have two socks that have no partners a fingerless glove, a sweater, and I keep looking at my stash and have to stop myself from starting something else. :-/

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