Weaving is…


mostly spinning, plying and warping.
a tangle.
a new perspective.
warp and weft.
playing with pretty braided hair.
watercolour paints in 3D.
a seam.
anticipation of weaving in a million ends.
A great length of me that I can give to you.

  1. Beverley Thompson
    Beverley Thompson10-28-2009

    Can you give us some tips on the best oil to use for one’s spinning wheel – from your new ‘cheeky’ friend in England. Beverley

  2. Pete Leonard
    Pete Leonard10-28-2009

    We enjoyed your blog. If you want to see something of what we were up to, prior to SOAR, Carol’s blog is carolsblog in http://www.bloglines.com/myblogs.
    I’ll keep a spindle with me tomorrow, in case our paths cross.

  3. Joan Sheridan
    Joan Sheridan10-29-2009

    You were a delightful student and I love your weaving poem!

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