Two Broken Dishes


Today, at roughly five hours apart, I broke one of the bowls from my wedding, and my nettie pot. The bowl from my wedding feels significant because it was just after I got off google chat with JT, discussing that it had been just over a year since we separated and that it was possible to go through with the divorce now. The honey got caught on the raisin bag and fell directly onto the bowl cracking it and sending 3/4 of it flying across the floor. Ooopah!

The nettie pot though? I’m pretty sure that was pure carelessness. I know that the bathroom shelf is right at the height where I can bang it with my elbow when doing my hair, and yet I put the nettie put right at the very corner closest to my damn elbow.

In other news, I finished the second sock heel today. I love turning heels. They are such an opportunity for perfection, and I really like the way that this pattern explains it (as well as the kitchener stitch) “Knit off and purl the front” “Purl off and knit the back). So satisfying.

And the sweater… I knit on it for a half an hour today and got about… 11 rows done. I am not going to think about how many halves of an hour this sweater has until its done. I will continue knitting at MY VERY FIRST KNIT NIGHT IN VICTORIA tonight…. and let you know how I finished the back in the next post…. yes. Is that BURNING? It is burning millet. Damnit! Is it even safe for me to drive to knit night?


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