This time for real?


Hi everyone. I know that I haven’t posted for a long time because

  1. I don’t remember what I have knit since I last updated the blog
  2. I don’t remember what I have knit since I last updated Ravelry (which I do at the same time, traditionally)
  3. People I don’t know are writing or emails stating that I haven’t written in a long time
  4. My computer stopped remembering my password for my blog
  5. I am actually meeting people who read my blog who question why I haven’t written in a long time
  6. Everything wanted to be updated – every plugin, theme and wordpress itself, and I remember updating the ecovillage one a very long time ago (This is why my image disappeared. It will be back)
  7. One commenter asked if I have guest writers on my blog (which I would love… but what that says to me is “you haven’t written for so long that I am willing to write so that I can see your blog updated”)
  8. My husband and I have separated, begun divorce proceedings and I have changed my name since the last time I wrote.

Okay. I kind of sprang that last one on you. There really is no delicate way of talking about the big D… but for me, it isn’t very complicated or at all dramatic. All of the ingredients aren’t there for us and so we’re going our separate ways.

So, getting back to the task at hand, I wish I could say that I am going to be really regular with my posts from now on, but I can’t say anything for certain. I’m not very regular with anything at the moment, except for getting to know myself. So here I am… and here’s the beginnings of a sweater (Mahonia by Marie Wallin) but all the photos got erased from Flickr… and an armwarmer to boot.


Thank you for being out there and reading. It’s nice to know I’m being thought of, especially right now.

  1. Ali

    I check here on a regular basis too! I’m happy to see you’re updating again. I miss you!

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