The Great Flickr F*ck-up of 2011


Have you ever felt like you had a lot of loose ends? I’m not just talking about yarn… like loose ends in your life? Old bank accounts with $2.45 cents in them, piles of filing dating back two years, divorce papers to sign, student loans to pay?

I felt this in 2011 when Justin and I separated and decided to divorce; I just wanted everything to be squared away for my new life. What I discovered was not only a bunch of physical loose ends, but that the internet provides an endless supply of even more – old email accounts, random emails from old newsletter subscriptions and software from ancient website builds, multiple amazon accounts, and in my case a bunch of things in my married name. Once I started shutting down accounts and deleting my name off of newsletter subscriptions, I just couldn’t stop!

Which lead to the great Flickr F*ck up of 2011. I don’t remember what happened very clearly… but I decided that since I didn’t want to pay for a flickr account, and flickr wasn’t letting me see all of my photos, I would just close my account. This was secretly disastrous, because many of the photos on my blog were linked to from flickr, but since I wasn’t really posting that often, I completely forgot.

Then, Justin wanted a copy of the photos I had on my computer (since I was mostly the picture taker), so I went through and copied photos, taking the time to purge extraneous photos of everything else, including random (but pertinent for a blog post) knitting photos, thinking that they were on the blog. Well. Wasn’t I surprised when I started tidying up the blog only to find a bunch of posts… like nearly all of them… with broken flickr links for photos.

Oops… didn’t think that out very well! So, I have been making my way through posts, replacing the photos I do have (either with those I did keep, or new ones I took) and unfortunately replacing the irreplaceable with this…


It’s kind of sad… but makes for an interesting story! Please feel free to comment if you find another post with broken image links.




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