The apartment ate me


As some of you know, I am currently studying to become a Waldorf teacher. Next year in June, I will be packing up the hubster and cats, and heading east (who does that?) to Toronto, where I will (as long as I am accepted) be studying at the Rudolf Steiner Centre! I am more than excited, and rather eager to complete my studies each week.

Except for this one package. I got it almost right after I started studying with my mentor Gene. She sent it to me, I suppose so that I would get myself organized. You see, it’s called The Labors of Hercules, the reason being that getting yourself organized is a Hurculean feat (is that a word?) but necessary if you want to evolve, grow and contribute to the world. Needless to say, when I opened it up and started reading I was met by the powers of my ego. You know that dude inside that likes to keep you down… The 29 page package details the organization of the home right down to how to the cleaning supplies to be kept under the bathroom sink. It is beautifully written and sounds amazing, but dudes… my 900 sq foot apartment is totally not up to par.

Some of you may also know that I am a bit of a perfectionist and thus cannot leave packages of instructions sitting in a pile on the desk for too long. Alors! 4 months later, there I was yesterday making the preliminary plans for a total overhaul. Not easy when the place has to be wheelchair accessible, and did I mention that it’s 900 square feet. Ya. And one of the bedrooms (there are two) is wall to wall storage of things-that-have-been-would-get-stolen-if-left-in-plain-view, like bikes and wheelchair equipment. So we’re down to about 750 sq feet.

And so. Today the Hubster left for school taking with him the power cord for my computer (someone stepped on his) and my camera and left with little else to distract me, I ripped the place apart.  Not just “oh, I think I’ll dust the bookshelves” but “oh, I bet that the living room and office areas would look better if they were opposite places” Note the 3000 lbs of books on the shelves that HAD to be moved.

But you know what, I was right!  (She says at 8:30pm while still in her house dress)  So, I’m going to go knit now. Maybe I’ll even have something for show and tell tomorrow!


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