That kind of day


Today is the kind of day where the snow is melting, which really puts me in a fowl mood. The only thing to do when one is in a fowl mood is to sit by the wood stove and spin, ply actually. (One deleted photo :()


Its the kind of day where I get so engrossed in my spinning that I forget about the fire and it goes out. I unwittingly start to skein my freshly plied yarn and then even the coals go out. Continuing merrily along, I get my yarn skeined and tie it up then hold it in my hands with anticipation. (One more…)


Then I realize that it’s the kind of day where my yarn looks flat and dead. Then I remember that this really is my first lacey type yarn, that I spun it from top so it isn’t going to look like a sproingy, fresh fleece yarn and that I should wait until after I wash it to see if it really is as lifeless as it looks. I put it to soak. (Another one. )


Then I come back to the room and realize that it is actually rather cold and remember the fire issue. I find out that it’s the kind of day where I have to use paper and kindling to get it going again.

Then I remember that my yarn is still soaking and I should go get it before… I don’t know, what happens when your yarn continues to soak while you remake an entire fire?

So the fire is going and the skein is hanging. (Yup. Quite the climax, eh? Knitting blogs are kind of weird without pictures. This makes me sad.)


It sort of looks sproingy from this angle… *glimmer of hope*

Oh and you can be sure it’s the kind of day where I barely get my photos from my camera to my computer before the camera battery dies and has to be taken out to charge (why can I charge a phone and still use it, and not my camera?  My phone has a camera. Come on people.) And then the upload speek is so slow that I will have to post this after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, of course it’s the kind of day where I have to start dinner at 3pm because we’re cooking indian for fifteen.

Ever have that kind of day?

  1. melistress

    So…what time should I show up for dinner? Your yarn looks lovely.

  2. Erica

    I love you! this was so funny!

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