Hi.  I’m checking in at 2:12 pm to let you know that I have passed the heel of the second sock. In fact, I may even be two stripes past the heal on the second sock.  I haven’t tried it on though, I’m afraid to have to rip back again.

Did I mention I am not very good with heels unless I am following a pattern specifically?  Especially toe up heels.  I figure a couple more pairs of socks, and I’ll have the science of the situation figured out.  I hope so anyway.



I love how the colourway goes with the rose the hubster gave me for valentines day!

So, to finish…  I figure I need to finish the knitting part of the socks by Saturday night and then I can finish the sewing in of the ends on Sunday while I’m at the Spa with the Gaias. I know, what about the closing ceremonies?  Couple of answers to that: I don’t have a tv.  I don’t really want to sit in a bar and watch them.  We’ll see what happens.  There might be a tv where we are going… I’m letting the divine will inspire the day. I will definitely be performing a one woman fashion show after dinner.  Photos to come!


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