Single Paired Decreases: Purl Side – P2tog tbl & P2tog


Last week we talked about basic single paired decreases on the knit side of the fabric: SSK and K2tog.  This week, I dug into my Handknitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley and I have decided to take our decreases onto the purl side of the fabric, with P2tog tbl and P2tog (knitting abbreviations always make me feel so clever!)

Really though, all we are doing when we work these two stitch combinations is working the inverse of the SSK and the K2tog.  So, get your swatch set up as in the image below, and sit back to enjoy the show.

purl side decrease set up

I have set my stitches to be decreased 4 stitches in from the selvedge.

Is this how you do it?  Share you purl side decrease tricks in the comments!


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