Project Finish All Projects


Yup, it’s been a while, blah, blah, blah, I made work my life, blah, blah, I was blind and now I see, blah, blah. Let’s focus on the important: I have a lot of projects sitting on my shelves, all at various states of difficult and I’ve decided to finish them all.

This sweater, for example, was a christmas present for Jeff last year. I am at the point where I have to decrease for the shoulders, but I don’t know how fast to decrease and I risk knitting a bunch of sweater that I will have to rip out. And, this sweater has a hole in it. A HOLE. As in, a knitters nightmare kind of hole.


Then there’s this sweater, who is a blend of Wisteria and Idlewood. She has been on the needles for so long it has suffered previous incarnations. I am not sure if she’s too long or not – I am strongly against sweaters that bunch around my middle – and I have no idea what to do with the arms.




And, while we’re on the sweater train, I might as well introduce this guy, who’s been struggling into existence for… a year and a half maybe? Mmmm. He’s a weird pattern I found in Vogue, and I have a fear that I won’t ever wear him. Also, the construction is strange and scary.


So instead of working on any of those, I started a handspun blanket – an adult sized Tweed Baby Blanket – that should take just about forever. I’m enjoying the process of combing out and blending different fibers then knitting it. Very satisfying. However, I feel guilty when I work on an easy project when there are so many hard things rotting on the shelf.



Another cheater project is this scarf, which I justified starting due to the age of the sock yarn that never got made into these mitts because I’m impatient with my ability to carry two colours at a time.


And of course knitting isn’t all that I use to spread myself so thin!  Voila, my first quilt. I have been working on it a little over the last month, but it’s hard. I made the pattern myself, and it’s impossible to piece without bunching up the corners.


Finally, allow me to introduce my needlefelted dragon. The problem here is that his neck isn’t very strong, because I didn’t felt the inside densely enough, so now I’m having to refelt it… which is boring and not pretty. The dragon is an attempt to use up all sorts of fiber I had on hand so that the thing-we-shall-not-name has less stuff to carve holes in.


Which brings me to the motivation behind all of this productivity: if I can’t have the yarn, nothing can. Not even little flying destroyers of dreams. Not to mention that I’ve sort of grown out of the stash phase… I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but I am not mobile when my craftroom is this full….


And I’d like to be a little more mobile. So clean though, right!? Let project Finish All Projects begin!



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