• It’s September 26th.


    I checked it on my calendar and asked one of my clients today and it’s true; it’s for sure the 26th of September 2012, and look:

    September Socks

    Behold my pretty lace September Sock. Singular. Which means that my second sock still looks like this:

    September Sock

    I’ll be going now. Talk to you on the 30th.

  • Doings


    As of late I have experienced an insatiable need to do things for myself. And by for myself, I mean instead of doing it to please others. It feels like a matter of personal power and integrity that is developing inside me. I could feel the need simmering under the surface during my three weeks in Alberta, which resulted in destashing before I even unpacked (which is done now, by the way, all YARN stash fits into my trunk and my small project basket AND is entered into Ravelry along with all of my magazines and books.)

    It was by persevering through this sorting that I realized my To Do list and the depth of my commitment to it. Everything in every aspect of my life fits neatly into two broad catagories (simple is good)

    1. Sift through the shit: The stash is a perfect example, I had no idea what I really had in there, and it was mixed up with so much yarn I didn’t even like that is was actually menacing to be in the room with. Sounds OCD. I do feel that unfinished business makes it more challenging to move forward. So I’m going through it: Yarn stash, fleece stash, fabric stash, tools, clothes, books… love it or let it go.
    2. Finish unfinished business: I am sick of having all the things I wish I had done, wish I was good at or delude myself into thinking I do pulling me in all different directions. I feel an intense will to persevere through the beginner stages now with the goal of enjoying the flow of doing: quilting, spinning, tapestry weaving, cello, colourwork, herblore, etc. etc.
    3. Do what I need to do. Simultanious with finishing up old work, I’m noticing a direction toward new work. It feels like this direction is filling the empty space left by all the banished junk, and serves me a lot better.

    Latest results? A pair of socks per month, here are my finished August socks.

    And the beginning of http://www.ravelry.com/projects/MavenKnits/tribute…

    And my first quilt block.

    It strikes that this willfulness coincides with Michealmas the season, mentioned here by Magic Onions. Anyone else feeling especially willful?

  • How to unwind two balls of yarn wound together


    I’m sitting on my living room floor in the middle of all of my yarn, which is much better than yesterday when some of my yarn was in the living room, some was in my cedar chest, some was in the closet, some was in a pillow case, some was in my miriad of baskets and still more was outside on the deck in a pile as the sky conspired to dew on it.

    I’m destashing. I’ve never done that before which indicates two things: first, I have awoken to the fact that it is impossible to knit up all the yarn that my mother finds for me at thrift stores, and second, that I have a brain wrinkling pile of yarn to go through containing more than one tangle involving entire balls of yarn and kidsilk haze. Damnit.

    And every once in a while I come across a distracting little project… like separating a ball wound with two strands of yarn into two single strand balls. So I made a movie. After which, I was searching around for others who had made a similar discovery of yarn separation techniques, and I found this TECH blog post that explains the whole science behind ball/yarn twist. Note: if you have the utilities available, a lazy kate would be a real timesaver – but for those doing it by hand…

  • All tied on


    Today I woke up with renewed inspiration. I am not sure whether it was the New Year’s Eve I spent quarreling with my shamelessly moraless and self interested coté noir, or the dramatic triumph of sobriety at 1:17am as I looked pitiously at the drunken chasseur and turned tail to find myself swaddled in my (Kate’s) north face barrel bag. ALONE. Blessed be.

    I am inspired to forget about some things and focus on other things. New Year’s resolution (however arbitrary) is to live so much during the day that I don’t feel the need to stay up long into the night pining for a way to make up for what I wasted pressing the refresh button on my facebook page.

    Ergo, I am all tied on. The first photo depicts where I made the mistake of shoving 4 warp strings through one dent, and the second after the mistake is corrected. I’ll be seeing you soon Leola!

  • I have a hole.


    Not in my knitting… but in my life. I just watched my Ashford Joy walk out the door and thus am spinning wheel-less. One might think this would be liberating, what with all the white thumbed yarn clenching… the uneven twist… slanted stockinette sweaters… But no. It’s not liberating. It sucks.

    And what made it even worse was the fact that I had some singles on the bobbins from the silk I spun… and so, I had to USE the wheel. That’s like sleeping with a dude one last time before you break it off ‘for reals’. STUPID.

    So, now I’m looking for a new wheel… maybe something a little bigger, a dark hardwood or… wait.

    How is this like my life?

  • Like I said


    Like I said I would, I am posting two finished socks….

    And what is this?

    Yes, that is the beginning of the front ribbing sitting atop the finished back pannel of the Big Shawl Collar Sweater (I know, it’s hard to see, but it’s late.) It was amazing… I even added a couple of extra inches to the situation for my long-waisted bro and I somehow, miraculously finished! Can I do it again tomorrow? Seriously… my forearms…

    My solstice wish is that I can somehow finish this for christmas morning without developing some sort of knitting injury.

    Blessed be!

  • Two Broken Dishes


    Today, at roughly five hours apart, I broke one of the bowls from my wedding, and my nettie pot. The bowl from my wedding feels significant because it was just after I got off google chat with JT, discussing that it had been just over a year since we separated and that it was possible to go through with the divorce now. The honey got caught on the raisin bag and fell directly onto the bowl cracking it and sending 3/4 of it flying across the floor. Ooopah!

    The nettie pot though? I’m pretty sure that was pure carelessness. I know that the bathroom shelf is right at the height where I can bang it with my elbow when doing my hair, and yet I put the nettie put right at the very corner closest to my damn elbow.

    In other news, I finished the second sock heel today. I love turning heels. They are such an opportunity for perfection, and I really like the way that this pattern explains it (as well as the kitchener stitch) “Knit off and purl the front” “Purl off and knit the back). So satisfying.

    And the sweater… I knit on it for a half an hour today and got about… 11 rows done. I am not going to think about how many halves of an hour this sweater has until its done. I will continue knitting at MY VERY FIRST KNIT NIGHT IN VICTORIA tonight…. and let you know how I finished the back in the next post…. yes. Is that BURNING? It is burning millet. Damnit! Is it even safe for me to drive to knit night?

  • Progress Report


    It is Sunday, December 18, 2011. The following is a brief report on Christmas Knitting 2011.

    Sock one is done. It fits beautifully (on my foot) and the grafting job is impeccable. All ends are sewn in.

    Sock two has been started (for fear that it might not happen otherwise).

    Sweater is… well, coming along. I made a mistake and did the first increase according to the size small. WHY DON’T I HIGHLIGHT MY SIZES THROUGH THE PATTERN LIKE I’VE BEEN TOLD? Probably the same reason that I don’t wash my swatches or read through the pattern completely beforehand.

    I think I will just leave it and begin increasing properly from now on.

    I will be the person at the party knitting in the corner. Happy holiday preparation, eh?

  • Christmas Countdown


    Doesn’t it always come down to this? I planned to knit one thing for christmas. A simple pair of socks for my mom. Simple. Fast. Accomplishable (might not be a word). And then… I looked into the eyes of my brother who was going to BUY A SWEATER, and saw that he wanted me to make him. Another one.

    Two years ago, I made him this one.And he WORE IT OUT. Seriously. He wore it every day. Even though his shoulders got bigger, which consequently made the sweater shorter… he wore it. And he got compliments on it; one woman brought up how amazing the sweater was TWICE in one conversation.

    How can I not make him another one?

    So yesterday, I finally found enough yarn at Beehive to make this one. I tried to get it to stripe like the original, but… oh god. Striping without verigated yarn looks a little bit too much like Bert and Ernie. I was too ashamed and flustered to even take a photo of the disaster! So, I’m making it in one gorgeous dark colour:

    And I’m praying to God that they have enough of the colour to replace the light colour that is the other half of this pile.

    The real question though, after the minor detail of having enough yarn, is: can I finish it by christmas?

  • It came down to today.


    Today I took my car in to get the timing belt changed. And winter tires. And whatever else lives under the timing belt in my car. I had the pleasure of spending the day NOT sitting in the freezing cold and smelly mechanic office, but sitting on the couch at Meg’s. I prepared well: I brought my lunch, snacks, knitting, needle felting, my computer, and the photo scanner and photos for the ecovillage.

    I planned on really taking the day for me and diving into my to-dos. And yet…

    By the end of the day I felt the familiar feeling of, one, wanting to go home and two, that I didn’t want to leave my home for a few days, including the snowshoe trip that I planned to go on with Meg on Saturday. The bottom line: I felt like I didn’t get to spend any time alone. What the flip right? THE WHOLE DAY. ALONE.

    And what did I do? I messed with the freakin’ scanner, that is actually for a P(ie)C(e of crap) and not a Mac, and so it worked, but not in any easy peasy sort of way. I wrote a christmas list. I suck at writing christmas lists and they take a long time. And… I needle felted what I could of the ball.

    But… I FELT like I did nothing that I had hoped to do. Thankfully though, as I laid pathetically on the couch, using the winiest voice I have in my being, woefully expressing my sadness to meg…. I came up with a plan.

    1. I’m not going to go snowshoeing tomorrow.
    2. I’m not going to go snowshoeing on Saturday.
    3. I’m not going to go snowshoeing on Sunday.
    4. I will go on monday. ALONE. And leave from Ayla’s in Nanaimo.

    Not only that, but I”m really going to explore the feelings I’m having; this idea that I didn’t get any time alone… when I was in fact completely alone. This idea in contrast with how I felt last weekend after I went kayaking; completely fulfilled and stoked to take on anything.

    Wish me luck.

    P.S. I think the computer may have something to do with it.

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