Now that wasn’t so hard!


Back so soon? I know. I made a huge deal out of this sweater. Honestly, I don’t even know why I was so worried. It knit up like it should be and it looks just about right. I put it on and it was way to big. Perfect. He might pass out from heat exhaustion… but he’ll have a sweater. Perhaps I will bestow upon him some belated (or early, depending on your perspective) Christmas cheer when we head on our camping trip to Tofino.


Et voila. My mostly symmetrical Seamless Saddle-Shouldered Sweater, by Elizabeth Zimmermann (pattern from Knitting Without Tears). Inner sweater ends to be sewn in after it’s dry, hole patched in sleeve, and more pics to come when it’s had its first wear.

What to choose next… maybe my tunic, then we can be wool buddies :-)

PS: I have also come to notice that most of my photos are missing from the blog. They used to be on flickr, I guess (don’t know what I was thinking really) and I have since deleted a lot of my knitting photos, thinking they were safe on the blog. Wrong. And so, I’m beginning the slow process of finding the photos I’m talking about and putting them in, or commenting them out. I’m so irritated.

  1. Eileen

    Love how this turned out! You make sweater knitting sound EASY. 😉

    Hope you are well. I’ll be putting something in the mail to you this weekend.

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