Movieless Monday: The waning crescent


Well, here is is, 5:08pm on Monday.  I haven’t left the house yet.  I am dressed… but not presentably, nor appropriately for the astonishingly dreary weather we are having.  I am in the  middle of painting all the kitchen cupboards.  I will be starting dinner soon, and then finishing the kitchen and boxing up the Sally Anne’s boxes for transport tomorrow.

I’m also finishing my wedding album.  Yes.  It has been just past exactly 2.5 years since Justin and I merged our lives in marrital bliss. AND I still haven’t finished putting together the wedding album.

Yup… today, I am finishing.  I’m finishing a lot of things right now, which is no coincidence.  First and foremost in the line up of reasons why I (we) are doing this, it is the time of the waning crescent left over from New Year’s Eve’s full moon, which was synchronistically a blue moon.  It is time to exhale last year, and in less than a week, it will be time to inhale this year.  I don’t want to be inhaling a bunch of junk that I have stashed away in the corners of my house.

Second, the hubster and I are making a trip to Brazil to see John of God.  Both of us have a multitude of issues relating to having sustained spinal cord injuries 12 and 10 years ago respectively.  Thus, we are making space in our psyches for the new and healthier bodies that we hope to achive while we are there, by cleaning out the ‘old’ us.  Anything we have been hanging onto from those days – physical or otherwise – is ousted.

Third, part of being in the Waldorf Teacher Training with my teacher and mentor, Gene Campell, is that I get my life in order.  I get my house and home working smoothly, I get my intentions set and I get my body and mind working and thinking clearly.  For this, she prescribes, as I am sure I have mentioned, a paper called the Labours of Herculese – 29 pages of detailed process for doing life right.

So, seeing that we leave for the hubsters school on Thursday, and then Brazil on Saturday, I may be lost in the abyss for a couple of days, until I get my feet out the door.

Wish me luck!

  1. Nancy

    Best wishes to you and Justin in all your upcoming travels. I hope you both experience enormous tremendous healing in Brazil!

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