Movie Monday: Tubular Bind-Off


Funny story.  I’m looking for a cast-off for the scarf that better suits the 1×1 rib than the regular old bind-off, when I come across the Tubular Bind-Off in The Handknitters Handbook (which I’m pretty sure is overdue at the library).  I’m reading along in the description – strong, stretchy, flexible and A PERFECT COMPANION FOR THE TUBULAR CAST-ON.  Great. My scarf by this point is over a metre long, I want to cast it off, and the perfect cast-matches a rather perfect cast-on that I didn’t even see. Sigh.

So, I did the tubular cast-off on the scarf, which looks great, and is functionally everything that Montse said it would be except it doesn’t really match the combined two-strand cast-on. Guess I’ll have to learn the tubular cast on!

The story continues to become more funny as I went in to edit the video.  Couple things I’d like to reiterate before you watch the movie:

  1. when I say pull that they want you to keep the stitches loose… I found with my scarf that ‘loose’ looked very bad and the edge was all stretched out looking.  I yanked it and then did it again tighter and I really like it.
  2. Regarding the ‘Silly Me’ disclaimer: The tubular bind-off is in the 1×1 rib pattern in the way that you manipulate the stitches (so that it matches the garment pattern)  In the video, I accidentally bound off the stitches on the wrong side (long day of filming? silly girl!) which means that instead of binding off a knit first like the bind-off pattern is trying to do, I bound off a purl stitch. Sigh. So, remember this when you are going to try it by yourself, either bind-off with a knit first, or start the bind off on stitch 1 instead of stitch 2. (Kinda defeats the purpose of a video doesn’t it?)

So here it is, the functionally excellent, tubular cast on that doesn’t exactly match the combined two strand cast on, but goes well enough that the non-knitter for whom the scarf is destined, will never be the wiser.

Could that have been more complicated?

  1. Deborah

    This is the best explanation of the tubular bind off available. I looked around and tried other websites and print versions, but yours was the one that did the trick. Thank you so much!!

  2. Maven

    Thanks. That makes me feel pretty darn awesome.

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