Movie Monday: Continental vs. English Style Knitting


Oooh… don’t toss that subject onto the table at your Knit-Night unless you want to experience the Opinionated Knitter who  lies in each of us! Afterall, we all have our reasons for choosing to knit the way we do – here’s a glimpse into my process.

I’m an English Style Knitter, or thrower because when I was in Girl Guides, at the impressionable age of 12 or 13, my Guider, Roz, a brit, taught me how to knit. Later when picked up knitting again and started going to knit nights in my 20’s, I noticed that everyone had a different way of knitting, but I was particularly fascinated by the Continental Style.

Since my adopted knitting style isn’t a tradition in my family, I vowed that one day I would learn both and then choose which was actually the most efficient for me.  I was still a pretty slow knitter at that point, and I didn’t want to further decreased the FO rate, so I kept on in English Style.  Recently, however, I decided to branch into colourwork (Mmmmm ‘Deep in the Forest Mittens‘ knit in  super suculent yarns from Sox that Rock, anyone? Photos to come!) and after watching someone at knit night knit a colourwork mitten by dropping the yarn, I knew that I could not permit slowing down to constantly rewrap that yarn!

So, this weekend, I did it.  I learned continental knitting.  So far, I feel a little bit like a left-handed kid with a pair of right-handed scissors, but it’s coming along.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until I am consistant enough to throw and pick at the same time?

I got a lot of help from the following videos:

Here is a vid on the continental knitting style and its benefits (warning: harshes quite a bit on throwing – I throw much differently (and more efficiently!) than she demonstrates – try and ignore the bias and observe her continental demo)

For some variety, here is with her demo:

And here is Miriam Tegeles, the worlds fastest knitter, with Knit Picks‘ Kelly, to demonstrate her version of continental knitting and how far you can take it.

Anyone else attempted ambidextarity?  Let me know your top resources!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress once my swatches resemble knitting.


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