Movie Monday: Combined Two-Strand Cast-On


So last night after I typed the post, I felt pretty defeated.  I felt the resurgence of the feelings I started out with when I began this blog – that I wanted to give something back to the craft that has moved me so deeply and that I wanted to make it accessible for more people.  Thus, the fact that I had just posted a post that really said nothing creative about knitting or any craft got me riled. So, I went to bed a little grumpy.

I woke up this morning and started my morning pages, scratching away my frustration on the pages of my journal.  Suddenly, the pressure was off.  I was remembering Elizabeth Gilberts TED talk on Nurturing Creativity – that it is far to much pressure to put on the fragile human psyche to think that creative genius comes from within.  The fact that this video thing wasn’t working for me was not because I couldn’t do it, it was because I was putting so much pressure on myself that the creative genius living in this craft couldn’t eek through the tension in my mind.

So, today I sat down and let it flow.  I got the video camera to work.  Not only that, but I came up with a three part series on techniques that work with the Noro Striped Scarf so that we can all mass produce them for Christmas! So, by the grace of the creative force and without further ado, I am humbled to bring you my very first knitting movie – The Combined Two-Strand Cast-On – on Thursday, not Monday.

The combined two-strand cast-on is great for the Noro Striped Scarf.  This cast on is stretchy and strong like the regular two stranded cast on, but allows the knitter to alternate between knits and purls on that magical first row so that the cast on rows blend in more easily with a rib (such as the 1×1 rib used in this pattern).  It leaves that nice finished look like you get on store bought sweaters.

  1. melistress

    That is a fantastic video. Thanks for posting it!

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