Movie Monday: Cobblestone Cuff


Hi everyone!  Welcome to 2010, I hope that it has been a peaceful and cozy holiday for you all.  This is the first time that the Hubster and I have ever had solstice and christmas here in Vancouver where we decorated a tree and baked the turkey for the family.  It was wonderfully, tiringly glorious and relaxing.  I’m almost shocked that it is already 10 pm on the fourth of January!  Better late than never!

The video this week is of yours truly demonstrating the Cobblestone cuff out of Cat Bordhi’s book “New Pathways for Sock Knitters – Book 1”.  To get you started, here is Judy’s Magic Cast On, which is step 1 of the Cobblestone Cuff.

and without further adieu, here is my video: the Cobblestone Cuff:

Note that this will be the last video where the sound only comes out of one speaker… slowly figuring out the video camera.


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