Losing my edge


I have recently felt as though I am losing my knitting edge. I’ve been accepting the unacceptable, not ripping back when something bugs me and not seeing the results I’m used to seeing. And so, last night while listening to a conversation that didn’t concern me and knitting on the armwarmers, I had a revelation about the sweater. (Yup, this photo’s gone. The thing was a behemoth.)


I needed to rip it back to where the pocket began. This came to me while I was knitting the armwarmers because I had both projects in my basket, but I chose the simple project (which I don’t do unless it is one, dark or two, I’m participating in a discussion) instead of knitting the sweater because I didn’t know if I should continue on the sweater when I wasn’t feeling good about it.

And so I asked the dreaded question… what doesn’t feel good?

I know. It’s getting so tall. And it looks nice, the cables are crossed properly, the work is even, the cables even line up at the end of the pocket, but… (Yeah… gone.)


the pockets… (And gone.)


are too small. And they meet at either side of the cable. Which means that when I have my hands in the pockets, which I will, the centre cable will bunch up and look all stretched and silly. Damnit. (This one too.)


So I ripped it (Not before I had to undo all of the seaming that I did for the pockets during women’s circle last week. A reminder not to sew up before the garment is done)

And now…I will make the pocket go all the way across which will make the whole situation better in two ways.

  1. I will be able to knit the back and sides in the round because there will be no break in the middle.
  2. I will have a pocket that goes all the way across, which means that I can hold my own hands in there. And I like that.

Oh. And voila

Another anticlamactic post :(

A yarn bombing in victoria. Nice statue choice bomber, he looked cold (ooh… I have this one)




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