Knitting Olympics 2010 – Noro Knee Highs


Alright, so I am a couple of days late with photos… I just kept forgetting!  But I’m here now!

The socks knit up really fast.  So fast, in fact, that I think that I could have taken on something a little more difficult.  However,  I finished them.  I darned in all of the ends…


… it is quite remarkable actually, just how many ends there are to striped socks. I finished the first sock completely before I left for my spa day with the girls and the second one while I relaxed after my full body scrub (soft as a baby’s bum, I am!).  Here are some photos taken in the spa (lighting is bad).



One thing I noticed as I knit away on these socks and watched the olympics out my living room window (well, not really, but you get the point), was that these olympicss really brought Canada together as a country.  I even felt the need to catch the final men’s hockey game…  it was beyond me to hold myself back!  In fact, before we went into the spa, we sat and watched them win GOLD!  Oh thank God… remember what happened when the Canucks didn’t win the Cup?  ooooohhhh… pain.  I digress.

Here’s a photo taken during the closing ceremony to prove that I was indeed wearing them and not knitting them after the cauldron was extinguished.  See those cute boots there?  I had just gotten the heel re-affixed a couple of weeks before and then on this trip the heel broke on the other shoe!  ARG!


Figured it was time to splurge and get myself some John Fluevogs.  Oh baby.



I found that they looked pretty darn hot with the socks. As did my husband who at this moment said that he was trying to work and could I please stop putting my boot up on the table.  Hot socks, check.  Hot boots to match, check.  Shiny gold Knitting Olympics medal, check.

Knitting Olympics Gold Medal

PS: it was both inspiring and exciting to see all of your (Yarn Harlot, Melistress, Bookworm, Wise Hilda, Dances with Wool)  blogs and olympic knitting feats, they updates kept me focused and created a true sense of a global knitting matrix…  thanks for that!

  1. melistress

    They are gorgeous socks, but I am suprised that, like Franklin, you didn’t choose to carry the yarn up the socks.

    I am insanely jealous of your fluevogs.

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