In which I receive my long awaited superpowers


Yesterday was one of those abnormally productive days.  Actually, let me back it up a little…

I have been preparing for SOAR for quite a while now, ordering parts for my discombobulated-maker-vanished-off-the-face-of-the-earth-I-don’t-even-know-what-this-thing-should-look-like-anyway table loom, finding a decent dress form for sewing/knitting, making lists, packing yarn …. you know, the ush.  Then Tuesday, I realized that yesterday (or in the case of Tuesday, tomorrow) was Wednesday. ” Woa,” I said to myself ” I leave for SOAR on Sunday, I don’t have a functional loom, nor a Halloween costume, and the only way it is going to happen is if I step on it and put together my dress form and my loom.”

So, that’s what I did. I took this:

And this (yes, those are sticks. I did not buy a prefabricated beater bar, I made it myself. I will not tell you how many iterations were necessary. I will say nails, not screws)

and made this

Then, I (with an inordinate amount of help from the hubster) made this

– an exact replica of me! (sorry no before picture, I get too excited sometimes and forget) ALL IN ONE DAY! (well, one and a bit, most of the cover was sewn the night before). And I ate well and I completed the list of what was needed for the aforementioned Christmas Knitting and I had dinner made in time to be able to go to my Knit Night at Three Bags. Holy Moly. My normal self cannot even fathom where the energy and will came from to set down to two enormous tasks in one day, complete them and then calmly go knitting (and yarn buying) as a reward. Blows my mind.

Then, just for the record, today wasn’t a complete write off either!  I made my entire halloween costume by 6:30pm.  I think the poles are shifting in the earth or something.

PS: In case you are curious and in the market for a dressform, this is a Uniquely You, ordered from Montreal. I have an email somewhere, just ask and I’ll find it for you.

  1. Kim

    Hi: I’m looking for the Montreal address/phone number for the Uniquely You Dress Form. Great if you’d share it with me.

  2. Maven

    You know… they seem to have disappeared. I can’t find the folks anywhere on line who sold me the form, and the box and receipt are long gone :( I hope you were able to get it some other way! It’s a great dress form.

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