I never thought I’d say it.


I love an impure yarn.

I’m a purist.  I love home baked bread, with flour ground by hand, and butter shaken, not stirred – by hand.  I love clothes knit by hand with undyed wool spun by hand, that has been carded by hand, washed by hand, sheared by hand, grown on a sheep that was raised by hand.  I love simple, pure things that take a long time to make.

And I love Boheme, a beautiful colourway of Tough Love Sock Yarn created by the glorious Felicia Lo (ravlink) at Sweetgeorgia yarns here in Vancouver.  The sock yarn is a nice weight.  Not so thin that you have to knit on zeros, and not so thick that they feel funny in shoes. Strangely 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon. Feels strangely good in my hands even though the idea of ‘fake’ yarn makes my teeth squeek.

Dancing Cedar Socks: Sweetgeorgia Yarn

The greatest thing is about this love affair is that this yarn will be much harder wearing than my regular love – 100% merino.  It is perfect with my favourite size needles – 2.5mm – and knits up rather fast.  I’ll never run out of yarn on a pair of top down socks because there is 425 yds of the stuff in a skein! Oh… and locally dyed, right here in Vancouver, 15 blocks from my house!

Cedar Dancing Socks

In fact, this is my second go. Even with the time consuming, cobblestone cast on, I didn’t mind starting again (the risk of not knitting a gauge swatch – but seriously, a sock is a swatch!) when I realized that these socks would fit my nephew’s size 12 feet.  I just ripped it back, noticed how pretty the yarn was, all crinkly and pink and brown, and kept right on going!

Thank you Sweetgeorgia, I will take one skein in every colour you have.


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