Finished Object: Hero Pullover


In the last days of September, I put the finishing touches on the sweater I am making for my brother for christmas.  It is a men’s pullover called the Hero Pullover by Ann Budd in the Fall 2008 edition of Knitscene.  I found this to be a very easy knit, as the sleeves are t-shirt style, the front knit/purl pattern is such that if you screw up, you will know it right away and everything is afforded to you in casting on and binding off (No steeking risk!)

Overall I was pleased with the instructions and chart in which I found no errors, but then again, I tend not to follow them exactly (ie: the zipper detailing).  As per usual, I wish that the writer would include the finished measurements of the garment instead of just the chest size of the phantom body (because there is no way that the dude in the picture is a 40 chest size, wearing a 40″ around sweater, unless ribbing ease isn’t counted.  Thank the Goddess for other users making htis project on Ravelry!  Instead of the recommended yarn, I used Cascades Ecological Wool, Brown Grey Colourway 8087, size 3.75mm needles.

I blocked the sweater by sewing the shoulder seams together and blocking the front and back on one board, with the arms separate on another board.

What I enjoyed most about knitting this sweater was the finishing detail on the collar zipper.  Though finicky, it looks pro when finished instead of undulating like most sweater zippers, thanks to the garterstitch facing.

If I was to knit this pattern again I would knit the lower body in the round to break up the monotony of miles of ribbing and also because knitting in the round prevents one from needing to stop and measure every second row whilst watching my knitting shrink instead of grow until both pieces measure the same length.

Voila, the finished project!  We’ll see how the fit is at christmas…


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