Have I knit since 2012?


In short, yes. I have knit… have I finished any knitting? Yes. I finished one scarf. Do I have a picture of it? No. Have I started any new projects? Yes. A sweater for Jeff. Do I have any pictures of that? No. And I think there were a pair of socks from the winter as well. And no, no picture of those either. So um… what exactly have I been doing?

Well, working. I started a business is January of 2012 and it kind of… took over my life! Not in a bad way, just in the sort of way that when they say it takes about 5 years to get a business off the ground, they aren’t kidding. I’m on year three now, and while the traction is consistent, it still takes almost all of my attention!

So, onto today. Today I finished winding on some handspun so that I can finish the centre of that blanket I started in 2012! I also started combing the contrast colour (Silver Silk, Silver Blueface Lester & Black Shetland). It’s a lot more work than buying the roving pre-combed, but it is sooooo much easier on my hands when I’m spinning! I’ll post some photos of the contrasting colour when I get a spool or two. For now, here’s the handspun and I’m off to knit away at the centre…



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