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This is crochet hook. I know we remember the miserableness that was my last attempt at crocheting. But I think I figured it out… I don’t like knitting with cotton, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t like crocheting with it and I don’t like knitting with grey needles… ew. I know now that crochet and knitting are much more similar than I thought.


So, this time I used Noro.


And it worked! Nice toque, eh? Tune in next week to see the finished goods. (Just a little update a few years down the road… I never finished this toque. Turns out I wasn’t actually hooked at all.)

  1. Ali

    Next time we visit will you teach me to crochet? As my knitting maven you’ve already inspired my love for fibre crafting, but I’m seriously lagging and I think crochet might be the answer! <3

  2. Nancy Leong
    Nancy Leong06-11-2011

    Hi there – Have had things going on in my life the last few months as well so hadn’t checked your blog in quite a while. So sorry to hear about your divorce. Hope your future is looking bright! Congratulations on finding joy in crochet, and hopefully resumed joy in that lovely sweater. Take care, Nancy

  3. Maven

    Hi Nancy!
    Wow, thanks for checkin’ in. Clearly, I haven’t gotten around to checking the blog in a long time either :( I have been knitting though, and finding a lot of joy in mostly every part of my life. You can check out my doula website if you want, I post more on that blog than I do here (http://throughbirth.com). I have been feeling the pull back to the fiber realm over the past couple of days, which means that my life is cooling down as the summer cools down.

    Are you going to SOAR this year? I’d love to hear what you’re up to! xx L.

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