Halfway questions


Today is halfway, or at least that is second hand information from the Yarn Harlot’s blog post.  Am I halfway?  Well, I could be.  I could stop here.


I could bind off now, and have this be the top of my sock.  I have completed a couple of inches of ribbing and decreased for the upper calf.  But do I want knee highs, or thigh highs?

I am a thigh high person.  I like to wear skirts.  Long ones, but skirts nonetheless.  And to be honest there is nothing I find sexier than thigh high socks hidden under skirts. I typically where knee high wool socks, because they don’t come in thigh high length. Thus, the hubster has expressed that practically ‘ you would wear the knee highs more often’.  But how do I know this is an honest answer, or that he doesn’t just want me to stop shaking him by the shoulders moping about the house, glancing backwards at the sock and saying ‘do I keep knitting?’

I could even knit the thigh high, and then scrunch it down ontop of my boot when I didn’t want to hike ‘er all the way up.

Oh, did I mention that the goddamn Noro people tied a knot in the middle!  And I came to it in the middle of what could be the cuff?  You know the one, the classic “heh, we’ll change balls in the middle here, and not only that but go backwards from the colour progression we ended with, plus, we’ll make the change real sudden like so you can totally tell in the final knitted piece.”  Yes, I did cut off a bunch of the ball to try and make it look right.  Jerks.  So, but continuing, I will be knitting an un colour progression.

Keep that in mind when giving me your opinions.  I’ll knit away here and see what it looks like.

  1. melistress

    That sock looks great! I say go for the thigh highs, but then you are less likely to get them done.

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