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Autumn Nightsongs (Gail) by MaweLucky/Jane Araujo

I know. FO Friday and you are expecting a beautifully blocked something, not a balled up pile of WIP set on top of some lace chart.  Well.  If I had it my way, you would have what you came for, but instead, I give you this:

Needle Felted Sheep

Nothing less than my very first needle felting project ever.  Woa.  Felting? (that was you again)  The honest truth of it is that I have been knitting my Autumn Nightsongs by MaweLucky / Jane Araujo (Ravelry link)forever… at least since the beginning of August.  It got run over by the Hero Pullover (last weeks FO) and a pair of leg warmers for the hubster, which are still on the needles.  So.  I have been working like a crazy woman this week to try and get it finished.  Done. Blocked. Even worn. No.  The shawl and I had a big fight this morning when I got to the edge chart (this chart has several iterations online, its rather a community project at times). You see, I figured it out, but then made about a trillion mistakes in the third row of the edge chart.  So I had to STOP my audiobook (this never happens) and actually put all of my attention on simple Ks K2togs and YOs.  I guess since I chopped all of my hair off I will have bad knitting days instead of bad hair days?

Anyway.  The shawl sits in a ball waiting for me to finish it, which I hope will happen tonight – although I would like to cast on another sweater, so we’ll see…

And the sheep, you ask? The sheep was my initiation into the local Spinners’ & Weavers’ Guild, of which I attended my first meeting yesterday.  I will spare you from my ‘ancient crafts effect on present culture’ rant, suffice it to say that the feeling of being amongst true master spinners and weavers was overwhelmingly synergistic.  The presenter was a needle felter, who taught us all how to needle felt.  It was fantastic to see all 50 of us in a circle poking at these tiny projects (watch for fingers).  Apparently the spinners and weavers don’t get around to needle felting very often, the results were rather humourus.

So. Next week: the shawl, blocked and beautiful.


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