Forever warped


Wow.  I started this simple weaving project because I was craving a little bit of that back and forth sound that comes from the shuttle skimming across the warp strings.  I ripped out a circular shawl that I began as a healing shawl when I went to Brazil (it was just ugly.  It looked like a doily that used to be on our table when I was a kid… I realize that it might be hard to get away from that with a circular shawl.) Anyway, I ripped out the shawl, and started planning for a nice plain-weave shawl double woven, about 6 feet long and 25″ wide.


Then, halfway through the warping process (I generally alternate the yarn with the apropriate amount of heddles as I warp, which keeps threading easier) I realized that I didn’t have near enough heddles.  Not 20 short, but over 100 short.  And really I was only going to be using a little over half of the width of the loom!  So, I ordered new heddles, which quickly arrived from Shuttleworks in Alberta (I needed them to come ASAP – BC is lacking in heddle stock apparently)  Ordered them Thursday before last and they came last Monday.  So, slowly, slowly, I have been threading the heddles.  It takes forever that way (336 warp threads -why do I love lace yarn so much?) but I am saving my body from the pain I normally have after doing a threading marathon.

I have 6 groups of 60 threads to thread, which means that I am a little over half way through.  Here I thought I would whip this shawl off and wear it for the Gathering the Women International Women’s Day Celebration in Victoria tomorrow.  Hah.  Or, I will maybe be done 3/4 of the threading.  Sigh.

I’ll post again when I get to the double weaving.  Never tried it, should be an adventure.

Forever warped


  1. Anne

    See, this is the reason I haven’t picked up weaving yet (well, that and getting a loom). I wouldn’t have the patience for threading all of those heddles. Though, come to think of it, I said something similar with spinning. Hmmmmm.

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