FO Friday: What have I done to deserve this?


A couple of months ago I had an intuitive sense that the ball of yarn was not going to make it to the end of the shawl.  “Bah,” I told myself, knowing full well that this was the only ball in existence of this colourway in this dye lot, “I’ll just use smaller needles and leave out a repeat.  That oughta do it.”  But I still had this niggling feeling, deep in the pit where I burried my intuition while I cast on the shawl three times because I couldn’t seem to get it right.

Then, sure enough, Saturday at my mom’s as I am moving past the fight that the shawl and I had on friday, I found myself with three rows to go plus the bind off and the unimaginably thin remains of a ball flopping about on the table as I knit to the end of the row.  “How could this happen to me?” I thought with incredulity.  And then, like Shredder in every one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, the niggling feeling shot its arm out through the rubble that is FO Fridays and said boastfully “Told you so.”

“Go.” I mumbled.  My mom looked up at me from her tea. “I ran out of wool.” I said sheepishly.  (It’s alpaca actually.)

Aw jeez.  Called Bethy, the kind girl who gave me the snivling skein of temptation, and she said no, she-has-no-more-yarn, could I carry on in another colour?  NO!  I hate the way that looks.  So I went onto Knitpicks and ordered more of the same colour praying that 2 years later thier colours haven’t changed and the dye lots miraculously repeated or something, then  consoled myself with an extra skein, some new needles, a lace chart and a darning egg, plus some christmas yarn.

Look Familiar?

Sorry for the dissapointment folks.  I think FO Friday has potential, I just need to actually finish something.  Here is what I have started for christmas knitting:

The Classic Brooks Sweater from The Opinionated Knitter with EZ.  Knit in the round on Cascade’s Ecological Wool with 3.75mm needles. (I bought plenty of extra yarn.)


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