FO Friday: Warm Arms


Well,  here I am.  I am being very efficient by writing the blog post while my camera battery is charging and then stealthily inserting pictures after.  This way, I can be sewing by noon and maybe have time to drop into Dressew this afternoon.

I had to eat my breakfast first, as I mentioned, because the camera battery was dead and I had to go and find the charger anyway.  Once I got away from the internet, I realized just how hungry I was… especially when I started to do the hunger dance when I couldn’t put my hand on the battery charger immediately.  Finally, I got into the kitchen, found my oatmeal snotty because I had left in on the burner, even though the burner was off.  Damnit. I hate snotty oatmeal.  Then, to top it all off, the roasted pecans had attached to one of them… this.


That’s right, not one, but TWO little pieces of shell.  Snotty oatmeal with pecan shells.  My favourite. (For the proper perfect oatmeal recipe, I direct you to our sadly neglected family blog….)

Getting back to our sheep, I finished my arm warmers yesterday night. (Did you know that in French this is an actual way of saying ‘getting back on topic’? Retournons a nos moutons. Ya. Such a cool language.)

Noro Striped Arm Warmers

The darning in took two episodes of Ghost Whisperer.  Speaking of which, I realized that an important detail that I often forget to reveal is what I am watching or listening to when I knit a particular garment. I almost always remember the circumstances in which I knit when I fondle finished objects so, I try and pick literature that inspires the garment. Not to mention that the ultimate cozy is listening to an audiobook drinking tea and knitting at the same time – its a total orgasm of my senses.  For example, the shawl I knit for Sarah’s Wedding… I mostly knit while listening to Jane Eyre, and a Jane Austin novel.  The abandoned Milkweed, I was listening to The Secret Life of Bees for the second time.  I finished the book, but not the shawl.


To inspire the Noro Striped Arm Warmers, aside from the aforementioned show, I listened to the first few stories in Runaway by Alice Munro (you can only listen to so many short stories before you begin to think like a short story, which can be tragic.) There is something about striped arm warmers that screamed rebellion and independence to me – two beautiful themes in Runaway.


I also found myself so engrossed in the story line for the 4th season that I didn’t want to go to bed and thus continued right onto my sweater sleeve.

Garter Stitch Cardigan

Proof that with the right circumstances we can overcome any form of knitters block!


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