FO Friday: Lace & Gizzards


So this morning I awake, after having bizarro dreams of cutting up knitting so that I could fix it, to my freshly blocked Nightsongs and Pretty Thing lace projects looking particularly dishevled on the blocking boards.  When I got down there to fix it I found:


Yes. Blood (among other remnants from which I will spare you)  Indeed I had just come upon a crime scene (or a creepy friday the 13th movie?).  My innocent and sweet little cat Isis (AKA Mini) had brought a mouse in through the window during the night (which she has done on occasion) and clearly chased it all over the house with little regard for the hours of work represented in the FO’s on the floor.  Or maybe she had high regard for them, using them as an alter on which she sacrificed the poor little mousy.  I noticed she had a marked fancy for the gleaming white cashmere cowl. Hmmm. Perhaps I should be proud of her taste in fibers?

No permanent damage was done, the odd pulled strand, but none broken (Thank Goddess! or I might have considered taking her back to the shelter from which she came).

Despite the carnage, however, I have not one, but two finished objects for you!  The first is for moi:

Pattern: Autumn Nightsongs (AKA Gail by MaweLucky/Jane Araujo )
Yarn: Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Autumn colourway
Sticks: 3.75mm (size 5)

MavenKnit's Autumn Nightsongs

MavenKnit's Autumn Nightsongs

MavenKnit's Autumn Nightsongs

MavenKnit's Autumn Nightsongs

MavenKnit's Autumn Nightsongs

And the second is for the christmas list.  I committed a bit of a booboo in choosing yarn for this bel objet.  I completely disregarded the words “fingering weight” in the pattern and went for laceweight.  Laceweight is far floppier, and thus only looks truly beautiful with a pin of some sort.  It was on Addi “turbos” that I knit this, the little 16 inchers… big mistake.  Regular addi turbos are not sharp enough for lace, and with the stubby needles, my hands were a bit sore.

Pattern: Pretty Thing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (click to go to her site)
Yarn: Eco Cashmere by Diamand Yarns
Sticks: 3.5mm (size 4)

MavenKnit's Pretty Thing


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