FO: Emma’s Baby Bonnet


As I mentioned, I chose the Snowflake Pixie Bonnet because I was looking for a quick and easy knit, which it is. But, off course, I couldn’t simply leave it as it was…


Original Pattern

Original Pattern calls for 137 – 229 metres of Classic Elite Yarns Pirouette knit with 4 and 5.5 mm needles at 15 stitches and 16 rows to 5cm. I ended up using metres of Diamond Earth Collection Ecco Cashmere (the ball that wouldn’t end) with 2.75 and 3.25 mm needles at gauge.


Pattern Changes

  • I used a cashmere yarn because it still has a bit of a halo, but is less sticky than the Pirouette, plus I had it on hand.
  • I modified the lace pattern to make it even easier (by repeating the first snowflake pattern (rows 1 – 7) to create sort of a stacking yarn-over ribbed lace)
  • I added icord ties, which took longer but will be more durable than the loose strands of yarn used in the original pattern (as cashmere is a shorter staple than the original yarn).



I always learn something with every pattern, and this tiny bonnet was no different!

  1. Simple doesn’t always mean boring (think Baby Surprise Sweater), but this time, it did. I really had to push myself to finish – if it wasn’t for babies growing so fast, I can see this hat reaching heirloom status on my needles in my knitting chest! But, if you like the simplicity and meditation of stockinette in a plain colour… this might just be the pattern for you!
  2. I had never done a 3 needle bind off (I typically avoid any sort of seems and bind offs if possible) and it was AMAZING! it makes me want to bind of my work – so stretchy, tidy and even. Delicious!
  3. Icords. I’ve only done them a few times, and since learning from videos annoys me most of the time, I had only really looked at photos. Well. It turns out that if you knit the icord with dpns you don’t have to worry about slipping the stitches back and forth, you just sliiiide the needle and go! Slow on the uptake, I know.



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