Fiber Goals


My Knitting Goals (in no particular order)

  • to have someone read my blog without being forced by me (thanks whoever you are!)
  • to get a comment on my blog (thanks Beverley!)
  • to learn to effectively use my video camera to record knitting technique videos
  • to dispell all mystery around how the Yarn Harlot knits by persuading her to teach infront of my videocamera
  • to do a TED talk with a knitting theme and change the world
  • to design something so snappy that it gets published in a knitting magazine
  • to see the hubster become inspired to knit his own juggling balls or learn to spin cotton on a charka
  • to see the hubster learn to spin on a spindle
  • to start a craft co-op and spread the good word of knitting, spinning and weaving
  • to only wear handknitted socks
  • to knit my mom a sweater and have her actually wear it.
  • to spin enough laceweight yarn on my spindle to knit a shawl

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