Darn It!


Wow.  These went fast!


I’m not an overly speedy knitter.  I think maybe I just spent way more time knitting  yesterday than I spent doing anything else. (Can you tell it’s raining and dark here?  The light in that photo is completely unnatural.  Yuck.)

You see… I have the house to myself this weekend.  That means that I don’t really  make food that doesn’t start with stir and end with fry.  I only clean up when I need to use a dish (I make sure I keep using the same dishes over and over again).  I watch old episodes of Ghost Whisperer and other than that I’m pretty much just knitting, sewing, weaving.  Honestly, if I could find my darning needle, I probably wouldn’t even be posting right now, but I can’t, so I am.  I am also avoiding other things, like any sort of physical exertion or discipline. And trying not to notice that when I talk… nobody is here to listen.  Le sigh.

Yup.  Just me and my arm warmers. Now… where is that darn darning needle?


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