Christmas Knitting 2009


I know.  Its not even Samhain yet, and I’m talking about christmas knitting.  The truth of the matter is, however, that if I don’t start now, then it will not get done because I have a huge family, and I don’t like to knit purely for pleasure, I MUST learn something valuable in the process of knitting each thing (placating the perfectionist), and I must try a new yarn. So, I searched Ravelry high and low for designs that satisfied the requirements.  Here they are:

3 pairs of wrist warmers

The first is Pixie Warmers by Sock Pixie.  They are a nifty variation of the FLS (February Lady Sweater) and are perfect for … in that they are simple, yet classy so can be dressed up or down.  I have never made hand warmers with a thumb gusset before, and I have  never tried the Blue Sky Alpacas yarn before.  Check.

Number two is a fun pair by Knitting Mixed Tapes called Mahayana Flying Gloves.  I have never knit this stitch variation before, so I’m pretty stoked about that.  I haven’t decided on the yarn officially, it all depends on weather or not I finish my Milkweed.

And the third is a lacy pair that shall teach me to use a picot cast on and bind off (or I shall make it so.)  They are the Bronte Mitts by Diane Mulholland.  I’m using a very pretty Koigu KPM.  Yum.

3 sweaters

The first is my Infinity Pullover Fibonacci Sweater for the hubster.  It will be based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Brooks Sweater (Saddle Shoulder Sweater) from the Opinionated Knitter.  I will be using Ecological Wool, and the swatch is blocking right now.  I will learn how to make a seemless sweater and I will challenge myself to knit an infinity sign and design a fibonacci cable. Photo curtousy of Lifelikeweeds

The second and third sweaters are the same, but different sizes.  They are by a wonderful designer Marie Grace who has made many designs for children that almost make me want to go ahead and have a bunch of em, right now.  Almost. The pattern is called Maylie.  I will be learning how to make a children’s sweater, and how two sizes would work differently.

2 Mini Sock Monkeys

I’ve never made animals out of knitting before. I’m excited to use up some of the sock yarn I have stashed away. I’d say that the challenge here will be working tinyness. And stuffing. They will be pretty cute, me thinks.

1 2 touques

Yet another Brooklyntweed / Jared Flood Design.  Love this toque with its complicated cables.  I have never done a cabled toque in the round before, so I will be learning tons.  I hope that the hubster decides tha the wants one too, because I know that pattern will be flawless.  I will be using Cascades 220 for this baby.

1 cowl

Of course this is the Pretty Thing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Designs.  I have been itching to make this, and since I could probably get two out of one skein of cashmere, I might just make one for me too!  Here I will learn knitting lace in the round and what it is like to feel cashmere slipping through my digits!

1 scarf

I am going to do a Noro Striped scarf, pattern by Jared Flood aka Brooklyntweed (I’m actually using a lot of his patterns this year).  My goal is to knit this entirely continental.  Oh yes sir, learning curve.

1 blanket

Another beauty fromt he hands of brooklyntweed, the most handsome baby blanket in existence in my opinion.  I am even ordering the very same yarn he did… This will teach me feather and fan and how to pick up a really, really long edge (also known as patience.)

1 pair of legwarmers

These are my own design. The challenge here is to make up a cool celtic knot cable design for the knees.

1 pair of socks (in a pear tree)

For which I will spin the yarn my very own self.  I don’t know what the fiber content is, because Bethy, who gave it to me, didn’t know what it was cause it was her mothers.  It is a pretty blue/purple colour though.  I will then proceed to design the pattern myself too, or I will use this one: Bellatrix by Monkey Toes

Well folks, there you have it.  You will, of course, witness the delicious yarn choices and pattern progress over the next couple of months.  What are you knitting for christmas?

  1. richardquillan

    That’s really great collection for your family. I think, you have great taste about clothes. This Christmas may not be a special for me because I won’t be with my family for this time. Any way MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance.

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