Christmas Countdown


Doesn’t it always come down to this? I planned to knit one thing for christmas. A simple pair of socks for my mom. Simple. Fast. Accomplishable (might not be a word). And then… I looked into the eyes of my brother who was going to BUY A SWEATER, and saw that he wanted me to make him. Another one.

Two years ago, I made him this one.And he WORE IT OUT. Seriously. He wore it every day. Even though his shoulders got bigger, which consequently made the sweater shorter… he wore it. And he got compliments on it; one woman brought up how amazing the sweater was TWICE in one conversation.

How can I not make him another one?

So yesterday, I finally found enough yarn at Beehive to make this one. I tried to get it to stripe like the original, but… oh god. Striping without verigated yarn looks a little bit too much like Bert and Ernie. I was too ashamed and flustered to even take a photo of the disaster! So, I’m making it in one gorgeous dark colour:

And I’m praying to God that they have enough of the colour to replace the light colour that is the other half of this pile.

The real question though, after the minor detail of having enough yarn, is: can I finish it by christmas?


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