This is Meg.

Meg is the kind of person who knits when we get together and knit (I’m sure you all have friend who don’t, and then seem irritated with you when you are knitting and not looking at them when they’re talking?) Meg has that sort of cute face that when she smiles or laughs, you can’t really see her eyes, which is the only time she stops knitting during said get-togethers (a good idea) well, unless she’s drinking tea.

This is Meg’s book that she bought at Rhinebeck (Meg would be ashamed to tell you that she bought NO YARN at Rhinebeck. Not one skein. I think she was a bit sick. Maybe it’s from being brave….)

You see, inside the book is a signature.

That’s right. Meg walked right up to the table that Stephanie was sitting at… and got her to sign the book. The dedication even includes Meg’s full name, ‘Meghan’, which means that she was able to use her mouth, lips and tongue to articulate words while standing in the presence of the Yarn Harlot.

I was at SOAR with Stephanie and all I got was a blurry photo of her from 500 metres away. I went into Lettuce Knits a couple of months latter and got sweaty just imagining that Stephanie might be there. I’m not brave. But Meg is, which is good, because we’re doing this for our New Year’s adventure, so someone needs to be!


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