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Hi. I’m a little ashamed at my erratic posting behaviour over the years. I have this dream that I’m very consistent: I’m knitting up a storm, posting all the time, wearing sumptuous, complement worthy, hand knitted gear daily. But I’m not. In fact, for now, I’m just aiming not to be ashamed. I’m here. Good enough!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been knitting up a storm. I’ll spare you the play by play, but in short, I had gone back to music school, finished semester one and at my return to semester two, had a wee bit of a breakdown. The breakdown showed me that I want to go about life differently, which has resulted (so far) in a lot less doing, a lot more being, and thus a glorious reunion with knitting.

I always seem to come back to knitting…

The first project I picked up was the tunic (well, maybe I knit a few rows on the armwarmers). I had one sleeve to finish, and it was nice to just knit. But then as I neared the end of the knitting part, I got a little restless. This ‘sweater’ has been ongoing for… 4? maybe 5 years? I bought the yarn in 2011? It was going to be this: Mahonia by Marie Wallin (Rowan) (photo credit Marie Wallin / Rowan because I erased mine in a fit of photo tidying one day):

Mahonia (& photo) by Marie Wallin

I got just past the pouch (it’s knit from the bottom up) and realized the poncho would weigh a thousand pounds and probably fall right off my body. So, I tried this:


But a vest that thick… too much. Then, as you might remember, I finally settled on this awesome blend of Kate Gilbert’s Wisteria and Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Idlewood:


In 2014. And I’ve been knitting it ever since. So, I feel restless. I’m skeptical of something good coming good coming out of the yarn. Also, I’m not sure that the whole thing is really my style anymore (classic, right?!) I’ve tried it on… and it doesn’t exactly spark joy. Ugh. It makes it such a slog to finish! Today, it’s not done-done, but it’s at the blocking stage. So, voila:


So I’m hoping that the sleeves block a touch longer, and the hood a little bigger. And maybe with the right jeans, and the right boots… we’ll see!


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