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When I first started knitting these socks, I hated them. I hated the pattern and the colour and the stiffness of the yarn. But now… now that I have one on my foot, I love them (it). I love the pattern, and the colour… and it really hugs my ankle and instep. What if… what if I like knitting lace socks that take me twice as long to knit up?

  1. Giselle

    My strategy for knitting socks is a both at the same time type thing. Because I can never make myself knit the second one, basically.
    I use two sets of DPNs and keep switching between them, that way I can do the same thing (gusset, heel, toe increases/decreases etc or other pattern intricacies) on both and don’t have to think back how that worked on the first sock. Disadvantage: any mistake happens on both too (oh well, no method is perfect).
    It makes sock knitting seem to take a long time because you do everything twice, but once you’re within a couple of inches of the finished product it suddenly goes unbelievably fast – I reckon that’s why I like it so much.
    Hope you have speedy progress on the second one! This pattern is utterly gorgeous, I bet they’ll be wonderful to wear. Happy knitting!

  2. Maven


    That’s an awesome idea :) I have been thinking a lot about sock knitting, especially since my last pair of socks that I knit just got a big ole hole in the heel. I think I’ve decided to buy socks (sacrilege, I know!) and knit sweaters and other things that don’t wear out! We’ll see how long that last 😛

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