Ashford Traditional Wheel For Sale!


That’s right, I am finally admitting to the world that I cannot take everything with me when we move.  So, one of the wheels has to go, and since smaller is better for tiny little cabins in the woods living, I’m going to be taking the Joy, and selling the Ashford Traditional.

Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel for sale

The Ashford Traditional was my first wheel, which I bought second hand, two years ago. I don’t know exactly how old it is, but I figure it is about 10 years old and was barely used.  When I got it it needed a little refinishing, so I sanded it down and finished it with a natural beeswax polish and a little bit of mineral oil. It came with a single treadle and I modified it to be a double treadle (Ashford parts).  Then, I ordered the Jumbo Flyer to go with it, for spinning art yarns and large skeins of yarn, but never got around to putting it on.  I would be happy to finish it with the mineral oil, if you don’t want to buy it unfinished.

The wheel, then, comes with all of its original parts except the single treadle piece, plus the double treadle attachment (installed), a brand new Jumbo Flyer, 4 jumbo bobbins and 3 regular bobbins, one orifice hook and everything I have for a repair kit.  I would like to get $550 for the whole package, or best offer.

Please contact me directly or through Ravelry if you are interested.

  1. tim russert memorial
    tim russert memorial01-23-2010

    Hey there, my mom let me know about your site a few weeks ago. and I really love it. I will be back! Right on!

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