All tied on


Today I woke up with renewed inspiration. I am not sure whether it was the New Year’s Eve I spent quarreling with my shamelessly moraless and self interested coté noir, or the dramatic triumph of sobriety at 1:17am as I looked pitiously at the drunken chasseur and turned tail to find myself swaddled in my (Kate’s) north face barrel bag. ALONE. Blessed be.

I am inspired to forget about some things and focus on other things. New Year’s resolution (however arbitrary) is to live so much during the day that I don’t feel the need to stay up long into the night pining for a way to make up for what I wasted pressing the refresh button on my facebook page.

Ergo, I am all tied on. The first photo depicts where I made the mistake of shoving 4 warp strings through one dent, and the second after the mistake is corrected. I’ll be seeing you soon Leola!

  1. Ali

    Quit facebook! I dare you. It changed my life.

    Also I miss you and think about you often. Imagine my surprise to wander across your URL and find so much going on! I’m so, so glad to see you’re well.


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