A Postcard


I was going to send this while I was in Brazil, I swear.

The thing is, is that when you are in the middle of a tropical country where the most important thing you have to do in a day is trek the sinfully short 1 block commute to the healing and meditation oasis that is The Casa de Dom Ignacio overlooking this…

And sometimes this:

You quickly reorganize your priorities from staring at a computer monitor, to staring across the balcony at this…

while sucking up every millilitre of healing energy that is abundantly floating through the air.

You don’t even end up getting a ton of knitting done.  But you are energized to pick up the sticks at home (why at home, and not on the plane?  Because of the rediculous security between the US and Brazil.  What I wanted to say was ‘trust me, I am more dangerous without the knitting needles.’  Thankfully I still had wits about me enough to know that a comment like that would get me more than I bargained for!)

So really, this ends up being a postcard to Brazil…

Dear Brazil,

I miss you, and all of your beauteous summer.  I am glad to be back in the wet and wonderful North West, in fact, the smell of your amazon really made me appreciate the smell of the coniferous forests that I had begun to take for granted.  The papaya trees growing in your ally ways

inspired me to try the same here, but with kale, and maybe some brussel sprouts.

Maybe we will meet again,

With love,


  1. Nancy

    Welcome home!

  2. Anne

    Those pictures look wonderful!

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