A circle of two is a row


My LYS has two knitting circles per week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday. I usually go to Wednesday because I never have my self together enough to go on Monday. But today, today by 10 am I had eaten, did my hairs and dressed myself in not one but two knitted garments… only to find that Mad About Ewe has a soul; they are closed for Family day (which I clearly forgot about).


And so, it’s just me and you today. A circle of two! Maybe that’s more of a row? Anyway, here’s what I have on the needles today:

This is the beginnings of the simple pattern, Snowflake Pixie Bonnet, that I’m knitting for baby Emma out of some cashmere I had left over from Pretty Thing. I picked a simple pattern because I thought it would be quick to knit up. That was 6 days ago. Turns out simple patterns aren’t sparkly enough to keep this bird engaged!

Bonnet for Baby Emma


But this! The Folkloric Tunic I started in 2012 is soooo fun to knit. I’m almost done the front and back panels (short rows, slipped stitches and two yarns, YUM!) and will be picking up for the woven bits on the bottom next.


Front of Folkloric Tunic


Close-up of Folkloric Tunic

Soooo, that’s what I’ll be doing this morning :) What’s on your needles?


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